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Publication description

ITRIA 2015. Selected Problems in Information Technologies

Publication structure:
  • ITRIA 2015. Selected Problems in Information Technologies
    • ITRIA 2015. Selected Problems in Information Technologies, Spis treści
    • Bartosiak, Tomasz, Walenty – Extending Valence Dictionary with Semantics.
    • Kopeć, Mateusz, Coreference-based Content Selection for Automatic Summarization of Polish News.
    • Kruczkowski, Michał, Holistic Approach for Malware Web Campaigns Identification.
    • Lasek, Jan, Estimation of Tournament Metrics for Association Football League Formats.
    • Lenarczyk, Michał, Voice Conversion and the Prospects of Real Time Applications.
    • Matejczyk, Szymon, Solving Influence Maximization Problem Using Methods from Cooperative Game Theory.
    • Okulewicz, Michał, Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem: A Monte Carlo approach.
    • Wojtasiewicz, Michał, Scalable Method for Information Spread Control in Social Networks.
    • Zadrożny, Andrzej, Seeking Appropriate Tools for Programming the Parallel Computations
    • Ziembiński, Bartosz, Strategies for Resolving Conflicts in Multiagent Environments.