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Publication description

ITRIA 2015. Computational Methods in Data Analysis

Publication structure:
  • ITRIA 2015. Computational Methods in Data Analysis
    • ITRIA 2015. Computational Methods in Data Analysis, Spis treści
    • Cena, Anna, Clustering and Aggregation of Informetric Data Sets.
    • Charzyńska, Agata, Review on Sensitivity Analysis in Biochemical Models.
    • Kopka, Piotr, Approximate Bayesian Computation Methods in theLocalization of Atmospheric Contamination Sources in anUrban Area.
    • Lorenc, Kamil, Modified Concentric Rings Trajectory (cCR) in Hyperpolarized 13C Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging.
    • Ładyżyński, Paweł P., Modeling Vague Preferences in Recommender Systems.
    • Łącka, Hanna, On the Use of BOWA Operators in Cluster Analysis for Collaborative Filtering.
    • Pawłowski, Michał, Modelling Spot Prices on the Polish Power Exchange.
    • Pstraś, Leszek, Personalised Simulation of Haemodynamic Response to the Valsalva Manoeuvre.
    • Sołtys, Michał, Boosting Techniques for Uplift Modelling.
    • Szymanowski, Hubert, Selection Consistency of GIC for Small-n-Large-p Sparse Logistic Regression Model.
    • Tatjewski, Marcin, Distributional Proteomics: Modelling Amino Acid Relationships by Measuring Their Patterns of Statistical Occurrence Across Proteins.
    • Zaniewicz, Łukasz, Uplift Modelling Using Kernel Support Vector Machines.
    • Zubek, Julian, Evaluating Multi-level Machine Learning Prediction of Protein-protein Interactions.
    • Jaroszewicz, Szymon, Geometric Approach to Stepwise Regression.